About A. Moriel McClerklin

A. Moriel McClerklin has been a lover of literature since childhood. His favorite books have always been stories that use fictional characters to explore the complex issues of life while broadening people’s mind, thinking, and viewpoints.

He began his journey into writing by publishing a series of poems in his high school newspaper addressing such themes as poverty, racial bias, and love. His second writing was the unpublished Tales from the Sacred Forest, a children’s storybook based on ancient tales from the Dahomey Kingdom of Benin West Africa. In the mold of Aesop’s Fables, the book uses storytelling to teach valuable lessons to children.

His first published book, Beyond Deceit, is an honest, thought provoking, and emotionally gripping real-to-life tale of love entanglement, and the complexities of the human heart.

He is currently working on his second book to be published (as yet untitled) which focuses on the life of Joshua, a young man trying to navigate the perils of inner-city living to reach true manhood. Written in the genre of books by Paulo Coelho and Richard Bach, the story places the reader on a journey that is captivating, inspiring, and soul-insightful.

Deeply welded to a metaphysical view of life, he has invested his life in the pursuit of personal and global, spiritual and social transformation.

Moriel McClerklin lives with his family in Chicago, Illinois. He holds a doctorate in business and has pursued a life-long commitment to social uplift through social enterprises related to health, wellness, human development, and social change.