Beyond Deceit

When Solomon married his wife, Jan, he fully intended to stay faithful to her for the rest of his life. However, a series of encounters with an enchanting woman named Evelyn, who he meets on a business trip, shatters this prism and throws his world into turmoil. Before long, their chance encounters feel less like coincidence and more like destiny. Now he wants to keep his lover and his wife, openly.

The road ahead for Solomon, Jan, and Evelyn, is beset with chaos, heartbreak, and pain, but finding an honest expression of love is always worth the struggle.

Beyond Deceit is a sensual, thought provoking, and emotionally gripping real-to-life tale of love entanglement, and the complexities of the human heart with a new and unique twist. The story takes the reader on a deeply captivating exploration of the epic battle between the head and the heart, and challenges what you understand about conventional relationships.